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Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty, Lip Augmentation, Botox

What exactly happen to Jaime Murray so that she could be listed on this site? Well, Jaime Murray actually has a really youthful and naturally beautiful look. She didn’t need any plastic surgery. But, recently, the 36 years old actress was reported having enhancements.

Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery Rhinoplasty, Lip Augmentation, Botox

Jaime Murray Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



The first enhancement is her nose. It looks like the nose had been reshaped needlessly. It was obviously seen that her current nose looked smaller than before. Many people don’t understand why she needs to do that. It looked a weird thing she did. Fortunately, it didn’t change too much on her popularity.

Lip Augmentation

Talking about her lips augmentation, she might do a bad lip augmentation. She got her lips in the weird form. It looks thick and so unnatural. It seems she got too much fillers injection on it. The Juvederm or restylane was injected not wisely.

Beside those two procedures, there is also a rumor that Jaime Murray possibly had Botox injection due to her smooth forehead. But it was still a speculation.

Other people and fans claimed that their idol has natural appearance, even though her smooth forehead is enough to say that Botox might have been injected. What do you think of her guys? Is it good or bad?

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