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Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery, What Has She Had Done?

What happen to Jamie Lee Curtis today? As media reported, that Jamie Lee Curtis revealed if she had done under plastic surgeries. But surprisingly, she commented that the plastic surgery she did made her disappointed. There are two types of procedures that she had revealed. They are Liposuction and Botox injection.

Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery, What Has She Had Done?

Jamie Lee Curtis Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Talking about liposuction, she actually revealed that the liposuction has been done by her in order to remove the fat on the waist line. But she thought that the result of the liposuction can’t satisfy her, even though the procedure made her waist look flat.

In the other hand, a plastic surgeon, Dr. John Di Saia, commented that Jamie Lee Curtis might go under liposuction when she was in so young age and she got lack of fat. She explained that due to the lack of fat at the beginning, the liposuction that she was planning didn’t run well.

Botox Injection

She also got botox injection. She might want to be look like younger version of her, but she then realizes that the botox injected on her face didn’t give a nice result. She looked a bit frozen and she might feel unusual thing after the Botox injection.

Knowing that the result of plastic surgery was not good enough, she then decided to live naturally, and she got the best thing that she should do, live naturally.

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