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Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

She is an American actress and dancer. Jenna Dewan’s plastic surgery has caused many of her fans to be in an uproar. She started  working as a backing dancer for Janet Jackson.  Many years later  she also worked with famous artists like  Missy Elliott, Pink, and Christina Aguilera The rumors caused by her drastically different looks are going wild. They think that her new look was created through several plastic surgeries. Some people commented that she no longer has a natural look. A lot of her fans are upset because they says doesn’t look like herself.  Jenna Dewan was spotted having some procedures done; including a nose job, breast augmentation and cheek implants too. You can clearly see from the before and after pictures that she has changed her appearance.

Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery Picture Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jenna Dewan Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Jenna Dewan had a nose job done in order to reshape her nose. The changes are very easy to spot when looking at before and after pictures of her.  As a result, we can see that her nose was wider and it is now narrower. The work she had done looks great but many of her fans do not agree with this. They said that she looked so different after the rhinoplasty, that the old look is much better than the new one. They also felt that she had done something unneeded. Many are very upset with her and they say that her looks have changed so much that they cannot recognized her.

Cheek Implants

The second procedure that was performed were her cheek implants. Looking at before and after pictures we can see that there is a difference with her cheeks. Looking at her cheek area, we can notice that the shape of the cheek looks a bit different in each picture. It was due to the implants injected in her face that made her cheeks look plump. Her face looks plumper and rounder.

Breast Augmentation

Another plastic surgery that she probably had was a breast augmentation. Again by looking at the before and after pictures it is evident that there has been a large change in her breasts. They are larger and fuller than they were. Therefore, she had the size of her breasts increased through implants to look bigger and rounder than before. She looked very  hot and sexy with this procedure. Of course, this transformation was jarring for fans. Most are very upset about this and all the other changes she has undergone. Take Demi Lovato for example, someone who also seemingly changed overnight.

Jenna Dewan might want to attract people with her new look, unfortunately, the result seems to be making the people criticize her plastic surgery procedures. The procedures that she had done are doing the opposite of their intention.  She got them done to look better and prettier.  Instead they have upset her fans and made them not want to watch her in any film or television.

They are saddened by Jenna Dewan’s plastic surgery, they miss the girl they used to know, not this new, unnatural one.

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