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Jennette McCurdy Bra Size Has Grown

She is a young American actress who is very popular with teens as well as being a successful country-pop singer. She is a very talented girl therefore people have started rumors about Jennette McCurdy bra size. With fame comes rumors and criticism.

jennette mccurdy bra size Jennette McCurdy Bra Size Has Grown

Jennette Mccurdy Before and After Picture


She is an apple shaped figure this is because of how larger her breasts are. Her breasts make her look more female because her hips are not very wide and she has very large shoulders for a woman. Therefore without her breasts she would have the body type of a man more than that of a woman. Many people say that she has not had any surgical procedures to alter her breast, that they are all natural.

There are other rumors and people who say she has changed her breasts so that she gets more attention. However her boobs are not the only things that get people’s attention. She is known for dressing very flashy as well as wearing tiny dresses and showing off her figure. She gets a lot of attention from photographers and her fans love her and appreciate all of her talents.

She is very pretty and should stay away from the pitfalls of Hollywood namely plastic surgery because she is still too young to have any of those procedures done, hopefully she hasn’t already.

Is she dating?

While she has been linked to couple of men over the last couple of years Jennette McCrurdy boyfriend was Detroit Pistons basketball player Andre Drummond. It seems like they were together for a short amount of time and then she left him.  She took to twitter to discuss why she left him citing that he was ugly and a bad kisser.

Some racy photos of this couple were leaked online after they broke up.  Many people believe that Drummond leaked the pictures to get back at her for saying things about him on Twitter. No one knows for sure.  We also do not know who she is dating at the moment however surely she will go public with her next relationship as soon as she can.

How much is Jennette worth?

jennette mccurdy before and after Jennette McCurdy Bra Size Has Grown

Jennette Mccurdy Plastic Surgery

She has been working for a few years in show business now therefore it is not surprise that Jennette McCurdy net worth is $3 million. She is not only a great actress but she has made a lot of country music albums which are selling well. Her television show is very popular therefore she is making a great deal of money from that as well.

She will continue to earn well as long as she continues to produce good music and good children’s/teen television shows. Hopefully Jennette McCurdy bra size does not continue to be an issue.