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Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Before After Picture

The rumors around a Jennifer Connelly breast reduction have flared up since recent pictures released. Since she rose to stardom by appearing on 1984’s crime film Once Upon a Time in America, she was successful in stealing people’s attention. She is not only brilliant in acting but also sexy and pretty. No wonder her name is listed as one of the sexiest symbols in her time due to her body shape and her pretty face.

Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Before and After Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Before After Picture

Jennifer Connelly Breast Reduction Before and After


But recently, there is a rumor which says that Jennifer Connelly may have had plastic surgery for a breast reduction. It can be seen from her before and after picture which shows how small her breasts are. She hasn’t said anything about the rumor of her breast reduction, but although she didn’t say a word, her before and after pictures tell everything.

Breast Reduction

As shown before, Jennifer Connelly had a sexy body with protruded breasts. Named as sex symbol, it’s because she had nice breasts with a size of about 34D. She had tight, round, and big breasts.

But as time passed, it seemed that her breast size now around a B cup. It’s clear to see, her breast looks smaller and flatter than before. Her chest seems flatted with a smaller bust, but it still looks good on her body appearance.

The reason for breast reduction in regards to Jennifer Connelly, is probably the painful feeling in her back. It’s a common case for women with big busts to complain about back pain due to the big breasts they had. The same case also happened to celebrities like Drew Barrymore.

Jennifer Connelly is a pretty woman with or without protruding breasts. Although her breasts are smaller than before, Jennifer Connelly is still a sex symbol who is hard to defeat.

So what do you think about the Jennifer Connelly breast reduction rumors? Write your opinion on the comment box below.

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