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Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Many people say that Jennifer Esposito plastic surgery has gone wrong and has become a large disaster. This 41 years old woman admit she has undergone some plastic surgery including Botox and facelift procedures. She also has the pigmentation procedure which went wrong and left the burn sign on her face. Many people say that her plastic surgery is the worse decision. Moreover, it seems become disaster and tragedy for her. But, though her fans disagree with her plastic surgery, the woman who roses the popularity through her role in I Still Know What You Did Last Summer remain clam with her recent conduction.

Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Jennifer Esposito Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong


The thing that makes her face changed so drastically is botox procedure. Botox gives her too tight and too stiffed appearance. As you see on her face now, she can not hide the stiff and numb looks as the result from regular botox injection. Her face may looks smooth but when you looking at her elevated forehead, too squints eyes and bit swollen cheek, the botox that was conducted by her is far from something you can called it as normal.


She also had a bad facelift procedure too. The facelift even worst with burning sign that came from unnatural and overdoing tanning procedure. The facelift makes her face looks so pulled and too lifted unnaturally. Not only that, the facelift makes her looking older than her real age. Many people suggest her to sued the doctor who has been conducting plastic surgery to her. Do you agree that Jennifer Esposito actually has been botched her face through plastic surgery?

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