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Jennifer Grey Nose Job Before and After Picture

Talking about a nose job, Jennifer Grey might be one of celebrities who is upset of their own decision. Jennifer Grey has been said to have had  rhinoplasty or nose job, when her career is on top form. She never know that the decision she made would make her career in ruin. She even did two rhinoplasty.

Jennifer Grey Nose Job Jennifer Grey Nose Job Before and After Picture

Jennifer Grey Nose Job Before After Picture


It all began when she thought that she needed to refine the shape of her nose on order to be looked fresh and perfect.She didn’t realize that the fans and people know her so well because of the nose. It’s her trademark, then when she got her first rhinoplsty, she becomes unrecognizable. Her name slowly disappear from the industry.  She lost her career and fame.

Second Nose Job

When she is down, she thought that she needed to bring her career back. Then she tried to do the second nose job in order to get her first nose back. It didn’t run as she had expected. She has no choice but to make everything start from zero.

That was painful, a little thing could change her life. That was a lesson to any people. They need to be wise in doing plastic surgery. They will take a big risk for their decision

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