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Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Nose Job

She is a very famous American actress who started her career as a Disney kid and is now a household name. Recently Jennifer Love Hewitt plastic surgery rumors have been floating around. She really rose to face in the 1990s when she starred in a TV show called Party of Five. She then went on to star in many teen movies.  Finally in the 2000s she was given her own television show which was a huge success and aired for five years. She has always been the topic of many rumors and discussions ever since she was a teen idol.Some people think it is jealously others believer that she has had some work done.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Jennifer Love Hewitt Plastic Surgery Breast Implants, Nose Job

Jennifer Love Hewitt Breast Augmentation Before and After


Of course Jennifer Love Hewitt denies she has conducted plastic surgery and said that her beauty is real. Do the people believe that?

Well, unfortunately it’s hard for her to convince everyone that her perfect looks are real, and not the result of plastic surgery. By observing her before and after photos, we can say this woman has changed from time to time. Some of the changes might be natural but others seems too much to be true.

If the plastic surgery rumors are true, it seems she has gained many benefits from it. Jennifer Love Hewitt is rumored to have had plastic surgery for breast implants and a nose job. Of course, maybe the sudden increase in bra size is natural, like Eva Green claims.

Breast Implant

When asked about the breast implants rumor, Jennifer Love Hewitt laughed and said it’s impossible for her to have undergone plastic surgery for this kind of procedure. She said she is not against plastic surgery, but breast implants are an unnecessary thing for her. She therefore denied having this procedure.

However when we compare her before and after pictures, it seems that the breast implant rumors might be true. Her breasts used to be a medium size, and they left plenty of space on her chest.  The medium breasts seemed to suit her body and she never complained about them. She looked natural because she was natural those were the breasts she was born with.

Today, Jennifer Love Hewitt has much larger and much more impressive breasts. Her chest looks tight with larger breasts that look as if they are struggling to fit into her outfits. It’s true that her breasts look much larger, and that her entire look is even sexier than before, but she denies the rumor and says she is gaining some weight, and yet the push up bra gave her that kind of look to her breasts. Her claims could be true but she would be really lucky to gain weight like that in all the right places.

Nose Job

Beside the rumored breast implants, Jennifer Love Hewitt is also rumored to have done plastic surgery for a nose job too. By looking at her before and after picture, we can say that her nose is getting smaller, thinner and more pointy than before. She used to have a bulbous nose with a lower nasal bridge, combined with larger and less rounded aspects to the nasal septum.

Now however, Jennifer Love Hewitt has a very attractive and perfect nose. There is no more bulbous aspects, those have now changed into something sharper and better than before. Her nose has changed quite a bit over the years and this has prompted many rumors. She have never spoken about having had a nose job although after looking at picture evidence it might be pretty apparent that her nose has changed too much for it to me a natural change. She might have also had other procedures like Botox injections that have changed her face and therefore made her nose look different, anything is possible in Hollywood as people will do anything to stay young.

Well, even though she still denies the Jennifer Love Hewitt plastic surgery rumors, saying that she is still natural and not overdoing it. What do you think? Do you agree that she looked better without the alleged plastic surgery?

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