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Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Although her plastic surgery rumor and before-after picture are widely spreading on the internet, Jessica Simpson still insists she never puts herself under the knife to get the beauty enhancement. But rumor has it that Jessica Simpson may conduct several plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, botox and lip enhancement.

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Picture Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Lip Enhancement

Do you know Jessica Rabbit? A cartoon figure who having big, plump and trout pout lips with sexy body. And now it seems that Jessica Simpson has less difference with Jessica Rabbit. She has quite awful and terrible lips that make us wonder, what happens with her? At first, the lip enhancement seems working well on Jessica Simpson’s face.

But it’s likely that this woman has repeated it over and over again. That’s why her sexy lips in before picture was turned into something awful, unnaturally thick and wide plus created a joker smile there. As the result, now as we can see she has quite unnatural big lip that looks very thick at same time.

Breast Augmentation

Even though her before and after picture may reveal everything, Jessica Simpson still denies the plastic surgery rumor for breast implant. To Harper’s Bazaar magazine, she revealed just gaining some weight that also has impacted her chest.

But many people won’t believe that her breast is getting bigger just because of gaining some weight. Her breast’s size seems changed to be the bigger and larger cup, her chest looks so tight with fuller breasts than before. It can be the clear indication that the breast implant is a true rumor here.

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before After Pictures

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Breast Augmentation


Again for the magazine, Jessica Simpson denies the rumor she put herself under the needle for the botox. At that time, Jessica Simpson said she is too young for plastic surgery especially botox and it was unnecessary thing for her.

Even Jessica Simpson confirmed it wasn’t true that her face is in reserved. Her face that unnaturally tight and toned with lifted forehead and arched eyebrow is enough explanation for the rumor she got botox injection there. Her face is actually smooth and unblemished, but she can’t avoid the frozen expression there.

Plastic surgery probably is the worst decision that was taken by Jessica Simpson. But it’s likely this woman already aware with the result. So do you believe that Jessica Simpson never committed plastic surgery at all?

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