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Jillian Harris Nose Job Before and After Picture

Canadian television personality and former Bachelorette  Jillian Harris’ nose job procedure was confirmed by her. It is strange that someone who is not very famous would have plastic surgery for no real reason. Her nose looked good before and it fits her face. She is not a Hollywood insider or a real celebrity.  She was on two reality televisions shows and that is where people know her from.  The change was obvious however she decided not to deny it which was very honest of her.  Most real celebrities would never admit to having any procedures but she did. This is because she is closer to a normal person than a celebrity. It is very refreshing to see a person who is famous admit to having gone under the knife. It does however, open the door for people to think that she might have had other surgeries.  Actually, she does not need to keep the rumor in private because sooner or later people will realize it. That is why she said to the public openly that she had a rhinoplasty procedure or more well known as a nose job.

Jillian Harris Nose Job Before and After Picture Jillian Harris Nose Job Before and After Picture

Jillian Harris Nose Job Before and After Picture


In her before and after pictures, Jillian Harris is showing some clear indications of her nose job.  They are marked by the differences in the shape and size of her nose.  Her nose was rounder and plumper before the procedure. Now her nose is thinner and it fits her face better. The results may look suitable and perfect, but we can spot some differences. This is an example of a good nose job. Good examples in Hollywood are hard to find because people have so many procedures done that their noses end up looking fake.  At least it’s not as obvious as Axl Rose’s new look.

She used to have a bulbous nose with a wide nasal bridge, and a less pinched tip area. Now, as you can see in the picture, Jillian Harris seems to have a perfect nose with a higher and tightened nasal bridge, which has combined with a pinched, reshaped and corrected nasal structure. This kind of surgery is usually a smart choice when searching fore a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Jillian Harris’ nose job procedure was a smart choice, she looks good, and still retains a natural beauty.She has become even more famous recently with a television show and some commercials. Her new nose has not hurt her career at all. If anything it is making her work more. Therefore she should be the bench mark for people to go by when they decide to have plastic surgery. She does have a lot of fans who look up to her.  Let us hope that in the future she continues to be so nice and down to earth. She is loved by many and her smile and new face look great together. Well, do you think that she’s looking good with her new nose? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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