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Joan Allen Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Joan Allen plastic surgery rumors are running rampant now that her age is increasing. It seems that woman the who is well known for her fabulous acting in the play Burn This (1989) can’t hide several signals of plastic surgery that can be seen on her face. Like Sharon Stone though, she is aging quite well.

Joan Allen Plastic Surgery Picture Joan Allen Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Joan Allen Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



One of the most spotlighted plastic surgeries that could have possibly been done to her is a facelift procedure. The facelift has become Joan Allen’s main weapon for fighting against wrinkles and aging signs. Facelifts also help to get toned and tight facial skin, yet it still looks natural and not overdone.

Her eyes that look more elevated than before are clear indicators that she has conducted a facelift procedure. Facelifts also help Joan Allen to avoid sunken cheeks.

Besides that, the facelift helps Joan Allen to abolish wrinkles like frown lines on her forehead, crow’s feet around her eyes and laugh lines that usually appear on her mouth area as a common aging sign of a woman in her fifties.

Joan Allen never confirmed the facelift rumor even if the traces can clearly be seen on her face A facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon specialist in Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Paul S. Nassif, said Joan Allen has conducted  a facelift but it seems natural for her and not overdone at all.


Joan Allen is also rumored to maintain her physical looks, especially her body shape, through liposuction. It seems that the liposuction makes her look like a woman in her 30s when she is really over five decades old.

That’s why some people believe she might have conducted liposuction on her tummy, thigh and arms. Apparently, the liposuction really helped Joan Allen to maintain her body so that she is still attractive and stunning.

She is a legendary actress who is blessed not only with impressive acting skill but also a pretty face. However, the Joan Allen plastic surgery rumors suggest that she is using other methods to stay young. What do you think? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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