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Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery, She Has Had it All Done

Plastic surgery could be a nice friend, but sometimes they could be the greatest enemy on your career if you can’t control it. Joan Rivers is one of the celebrities who has had many problems with plastic surgeries. Her decision to have plastic surgery in her old age, made her got nightmare days.

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Picture Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery, She Has Had it All Done

Joan Rivers Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



Joan Rivers possibly did a facelift to tighten her face. She might wish to get a better look after tightening the skin. Badly, her skin became too tight. That was not a good result.

Botox Injections

This procedure was used by the user in order to make the face look youthful by removing the wrinkles with the Botox. In Joan Rivers’ case, it seems the procedure didn’t run as she had expected.

A dozen of Botox might be used by her to remove the wrinkles. The wrinkles might be removed all, but as the effect, she got a too smooth forehead that made her so frozen and pale.


Her nose is another big problem on her face. It looked very weird. Can you imagine her nose seems like a really wide and big dragonfly staying o her face? Many people imagine what had happen to this, if this thing that she wanted to or it’s a surgeon’s problem.

Lip Augmentation

Another weird thing she did was the lip augmentation. She got it badly. The lips augmentation had made her lips getting too plump, thick and frozen.

Beside those procedures there were many other plastic surgeries she did. This is still a little mystery. She actually knows that the procedures she did was truly bad, but why she still went on with the others plastic surgery with a bad result. Is this a hobby or is it the sign of frustration due to a poor job?

What do you think guys?

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