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Joanna Krupa Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

The Polish American model and actress as well the member of The Real Housewives of Miami, Joanna Krupa admitted that she has plastic surgery procedure. The only procedure that was admitted by her is breast augmentation. Actually, there are another plastic surgery procedure that was accused to her. She also rumored to have a nose job procedure. But she denies it and say only has breast implant procedure to enhanced her physical looks as the model and actress. She tells about breast implants and denies another procedure that was accused to her.

before and after plastic surgery Joanna Krupa Joanna Krupa Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

before and after Joanna Krupa breast implants


She said that she had been conducted the plastic surgery procedure for her breast twice. Actually, not all of them are breast implants. First, this model and television personality admitting has breast implant to conquer modelling world. She believes that her breasts are important assets for every model. That is why she tries to increased her breast size by conducting breast augmentation. And as you can see now, her breasts look so big, though and protruding during her career as a model. But the second procedure is the breast implant removal. She said that when she is getting older, her breast seems started to heavy and makes a painful feeling on her back. Then, she did breast reduction procedure.

It is nice to know that Joanna Krupa is very open about plastic surgery and starting admitted about breast implants. So, do you believe that breast implant is the only procedure that been done by Joanna Krupa?

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