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Joanne Kelly Lips Before and After Picture

Joanne Kelly lips plastic surgery is a very hot topic ever since recent pictures of her have showed a big change in her face. She doesn’t seem to be bothered by these rumors. This American actress has dismissed the plastic surgery rumors since her face looks so different from time to time. But lucky, this woman doesn’t care whenever rumors of plastic surgery show up, especially for Botox, a facelift and a lip augmentation. Even though she remains silent about the rumor, it seems that her plastic surgery leads to pros and cons among her fans.

Joanne Kelly Plastic Surgery Joanne Kelly Lips Before and After Picture

Joanne Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Many people believe that Botox is the kind of procedure that seems to have changed her face. Her face looks different and seems unfamiliar for us, because it looks so tight and toned with a plumped or rather swollen cheek. Sometimes, she also appeared with a frozen and numb facial expression that may be the result of plastic surgery for Botox procedures that were done.


This woman is also rumored to have had a facelift procedure too. Her face remains tight and it is hard for us to see the wrinkles that appeared there. But on the other hand, her fans also stated that she looks older than her real age due to her potentially overdoing facelift procedures. Facelifts may have managed to gives her smooth and toned facial skin without any wrinkles there, but the frozen look makes her look so much older.

Lip implants

Her lips which seem fuller and larger than before leads the controversy about the lip implants rumor. Her lips seems very big with a fuller condition than before. Her lips seem plump with a thick look and it may the results from the collagen or restylane injections she may have used. Joanne Kelly plastic surgery rumors may lead to controversy among her fans, but the actress herself remains calm whenever asked about the rumor. Do you agree that Joanne Kelly seems bit different today due plastic surgery procedure?

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