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John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

As everybody knows, a famous politician John Kerry rumored to have plastic surgery procedure especially in the facial area. John Kerry himself did not admits the rumor but his current facial condition reveals many things. Based on some sources, he had several plastic surgery procedures such as botox, facelift, facial filler, nose job and browlift. Even, he remain silent about the rumor, it seems that his before and after pictures revealed many things about his plastic surgery procedures.

John Kerry Plastic Surgery John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

John Kerry Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


In his 70 years old, John Kerry seems afraid to be old. That is why some of his plastic surgery rumors focused in the facial area. First of all, this man rumored conducting botox procedure. His before and after picture shows the stiff and frozen looks of his face. Sometimes, you will see his face which looks so soft and unblemished. But in other day, John Kerry can not hide the swell looks that remains on his face.


John Kerry seems combined between the botox and facelift to get the maximal result. That is why even though this man is 70 years old, his face is quite younger than his actual age. The combination between botox and facelift actually are good things as long as you don’t overdoing it. But the fact is, his face looks so immobile and stiffed. He also often showed the painful looks that probably the result from overdoing botox and facelift procedures.

Facial Filler and Browlift

John Kerry also rumored has facial filler like restylane or juvederm on his face. The aim is simply, to avoid his face from getting sunken and saggy as the aging sign. He also conducted the browlift procedure regarding how lifted and elevated his eyebrow is.

Nose Job

By observing his before and after picture, you will see the slightly differences in John Kerry nasal area. The nose looks more pinched and pointed than he used to be. His nose which is used to looks bulbous now getting smaller and refined.

Through his spoke person, John Kerry said he is only exhausting and bit stressed that is why his face looks different from before. But, do you think that John Kerry painful look is only the result of exhausting and not plastic surgery?

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