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Jolin Tsai Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

It was revealed that Jolin Tsai has multiple plastic surgeries to enhance her appearance. This pop princess may admit it shyly but its enough to make the public believed that she has nip and tuck to enhanced her appearance. Not only one procedure, this 33 years old woman has multiple plastic surgery procedures like breast implants, lip implant, nose job and eyelid surgery. She looks so pretty recently and obviously it was the result from the plastic surgery.

Jolin Tsai Plastic Surgery Jolin Tsai Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Jolin Tsai Breast Implants Before and After Picture


First, this woman was conducting breast implants to enhanced her breast size. Her chest that used to flat which was leaving some spaces in the chest are now has been pulled out and getting cramped. The breast looks a little bit bigger with protruding looks and though condition. She used to has flat breast because she was really thin especially in her debut. But, due her body weight which was increased, it also makes her breast gets bigger. Not only from weight but also from the surgery due the shape also looks perfectly round. The size also increased from 33C to D Cup.

Jolin Tsai Plastic Surgery Before After Jolin Tsai Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Jolin Tsai Plastic Surgery Before After

Lip implant

She also has conducting plastic surgery for the lip implant procedure. It probbaly collagen that was injected to the lip area and makes it trout pout yet thicker. Her lip looks smaller in its shape but the size looks bit larger, bigger and juicer now.

Eyelid surgery

Local aesthetic surgeon Dr Woffles Wu revealed that this princess pop also has the eyelid suregry procedure. The eyelid surgery that makes her eyes getting bigger and larger also removed the baggy from her face. The eyelid surgery that was combined with great make up do wonders on her and she is looking good with it.

Nose job

The diva also has conducting the nose job procedure. She used to has very flat nose that really bulbous too. But after she gets  famous, her nose seems more pinched, slimmer and thinner than before,. It strengthens the indication that she has had nose job procedure. The nose job works well on her because the size of her nose looks so pinched and sharper today with smaller and thinner condition recently.

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