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Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Judge Reinhold remain keep his mouth shut whenever asked about the rumor he is going too far with plastic surgery. Even though her remain silent, the current condition of an actor who well known for co-starring in movies such as Beverly Hills Cop showing the proof that he may play too hard with plastic surgery. It was rumored that he had undergone plastic surgery for facelift and botox injection.

Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Judge Reinhold Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Lets blame plastic surgery facelift as the procedure that makes Judge Reinhold looks so horrible and terrifying this day. The facelift may the procedure that makes his face lifted unnaturally. At first, he conducted facelift to avoid saggy skin due his age is about 56 years old. But due the facelift looks exaggerating, his face is getting weird. His cheek looks lifted unnaturally and it created terrifying looks at his appearance.


Judge Reinhold also rumored had regular botox injections. The botox may aimed to disguise wrinkles and hard fold that appeared on his face. But it was rumored that he is a bit overdoing it since his face looks swell and numb. His forehead may looks very smooth and toned but when you looking at his cheek, it is very swell and gives him a frozen yet painful look.

Judge Reinhold used to quite good looking but playing too hard with plastic surgery makes him looks so weird this day. Do you agree he was better in the past than now?

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