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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Pictures of Before and After

She is by far one of the funniest women actors of our time, she is famous the world over and loved by many fans. Julia Dreyfus plastic surgery results look amazing. She has managed to make herself look better than she did before. She looks so different today, which made many people ask for an explanation about how she could be more beautiful as today than she was in the past. Two well known plastic surgeons commented that she might have had plastic surgery procedures. She continues to make us laugh but it is interesting to know what procedures she has had to make her look so good.

Julia Louis Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Before After Julia Louis Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Pictures of Before and After

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Before After


Botox injection

The first plastic surgery that Dr. Shafer said is a Botox injection. Julia Louis-Dreyfus actually has no wrinkles or lines on her face. Her face looks very unnatural because of this. However, she does look great at the same time. She has not yet gone too overboard with the Botox injections however this is very easy to do. Many celebrities have too many injections and they end up having a frozen face. Hopefully she does not do this because it could mark the end of her career. An actress who cannot more her face and express herself if useless. The speculation is that Botox injections might have occurred.

Julia Louis Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Julia Louis Dreyfus Plastic Surgery Pictures of Before and After

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Plastic Surgery

The nose job

Another plastic surgery that she might have had done was a nose job. In this case, Dr Paul Nassif noticed that her current nose seems smaller than before. She might have reshaped her bridge to make it narrower, when the tip of the nose was also made to be smaller too. She was careful not to change her nose too much. A nose is the first thing that people see on your face. If a celebrity changes their nose too much than they no longer look like themselves and their fans are no longer interested in them. Her new nose looks great and was done in a subtle way so that her fans would not be upset with it. She should pay attention to how much more she decided to change her appearance. She looks great now but if she continues she could over do it.

She has been asked about the truth of the rumor, but she claimed that she did not have any work done at all.  Besides, she was also not allowed by her husband to do it according to her. However, the evidence in the pictures is enough to show us that something has been done.  Julia Louis-Dreyfus plastic surgery rumors may have been denied by her, but we need to know where these changes came from.

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