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Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

She has become a world famous actress because of her many roles most recently on a very popular television show however this has not stopped people from talking about Julie Bowen Plastic surgery rumors. These rumors have intensified ever since she because more famous. Some of the rumors have been put to rest but others are still floating around.  It is not strange for a person in the Hollywood lifestyle to feel the pressure and have many procedures done. What is different about this situation is that the funny actress has actually come out and admitted that she has had some procedures done to her face. This is very rare as usually actresses especially high profiles ones like Julie do not admit to such things. She is not afraid to admit to this but most actresses are because they fear it will make them lose work.

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Botox Treatments


The rumors claimed that she had breast augmentation to make her breasts bigger and more round. There are so many people speculating about this and whether it’s true or not.  The rumors were told to some plastic surgery experts by the names of Dr. Anthony Young and Dr. Eileen Salzhauer. They both think that it is possible that she has had breast implants. If we take a look at her pictures carefully, there is something different about her breasts in the past and the new ones now in the present. Currently her breasts look bigger and rounded, she looks sexier now than she did before because of her larger breasts. Many people think that she looks much better now and that she should have done this years ago. It could have helped her career more if she had had a boob job sooner.

Some people say that she might have also had a face lift.  People think this because her forehead and face look too smooth for her age and they might be too smooth for just Botox injections. She has only admitted to having had injections and laser treatments however they do not explain how flawless her skin looks today.  She might not be telling the whole truth when she said she only had Botox and laser done. She might have said that just to try and stop the rumors however it had the opposite effect.  Most people know the type of look you can get with these procedures therefore the rumors started when she began to look much better than the procedures she admitted to having. Her better than expected appearance can also be due to very good make up artists and good lighting. However her looks are too consistent for this and therefore she must have had some other surgery she is not admitting to.

 Julie Bowen’s plastic surgery may be public, but what else has she had done? What do you think guys? Was there a nose job in there somewhere as well? Just like Emma Stone, it’s hard to tell because she looks so good. Please share your opinion here.

Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After Julie Bowen Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Julie Bowen Breast Implants Before and After

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