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Juliet Huddy Nose Job Before After

Over the last few months, American news anchor Juliet Huddy nose job been the subject of gossip. People are looking at before and after pictures that shows a big change in her nose. Actually, it is hard for her to deny that she had plastic surgery done. At 44 years old, she has appeared on television for almost 21 years. That is why when there are something changes in her face, the public can see that there have been plastic surgery procedures. She looks similar to Emily Maynard.

Juliet Huddy Plastic Surgery Juliet Huddy Nose Job Before After

Juliet Huddy Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


It is easy to see that Juliet Huddy had some work done to her nose. As everybody knows, her nose  looked wide and large.  Now her nose has changed into a cramped, and much smaller nose. It has a completely pinched look at the tip.

Besides, in before picture, you will see that the nasal bridge looks so wide and less high too. That is why when the after picture showed that the nasal bridge is now getting higher with a more corrected shape that makes us believe that Juliet Huddy nose job procedure rumors are true.  Even so, if she did have a nose job done, the results look so great. What do you think?

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