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Jwoww Plastic Surgery Botox, Fillers Injections, Breast Augmentation

Jwoww looked so plastic and unnatural today. Some plastic surgeries probably made her appearance changed a lot into a wax image of hers. Botox injection, fillers injection and a breast augmentation are some procedures that made her looked so different.

Jwoww Plastic Surgery Picture Jwoww Plastic Surgery Botox, Fillers Injections, Breast Augmentation

Jwoww Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Talking about the Botox injection, the result could be seen very obviously on her face. That smooth forehead without wrinkles and lines might be a clear evidence of plastic surgery result. Much of botox might have been injected on her face. Her face looked so smooth. Unfortunately, a too smooth face might be not a good result though.

Fillers Injection

Beside the Botox injection some other filers like juvederm or restylane might also be injected on her face. Her cheek looks so plump. As well the cheek, her lips is also listed as another part of her body that got fillers injection.

The combinations of Botox injection and fillers injection that she did actually looked weird and a bit overdone. For some moments, the MTV Jersey Shore star was almost unrecognizable. If she loved to be wiser person, she might have a best result of the injection.

Breast Augmentation

Another plastic surgery that she did was a breast augmentation. The volume of her breast got bigger and sexier. She might think that the result was amazing and attractive, but some people thought that the breast augmentation she did was a bit too overdone and not balance for her body.

Jwoww, had made people said “wow” for her image. She has just done several unneeded thing to enhance her look. She is more plastic today. If only she was a bit wiser, she won’t get weird thing in her life.

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