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Kate Beckinsale Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Kate Beckinsale is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood yet she is also the subject of plastic surgery rumor for long time ago. But it is difficult to know whether the rumor is true or not since Kate Beckinsale always denies the rumor. However, from her before and after picture we can find some changes on her appearance.


Kate Beckinsale said she is too scared to put herself under the knife or needle for plastic surgery. But although Kate Beckinsale has this kind of statement, some people believe that actually Kate Beckinsale has the body issue procedure.

People also believe that Kate Beckinsale has had the plastic surgery especially for the breast implant, facelift and Botox. Even if Kate Beckinsale won’t admit it, it seems the result is not really disappointing.

Breast Implant

Kate Beckinsale’s breast implant rumor is creating a big commotion in Hollywood. Kate Beckinsale seems transforms herself into mature sexy woman. When raised to stardom some years ago, people said that Kate Beckinsale is really small and she has the flat chest at that time.

But soon after, her chest looks fuller and getting rounder than before. Her breasts seem much bigger and tougher. Although the size not extremely big, Kate Beckinsale admits that her breasts suit to her and make her even sexier right now.


In her 40 years old, it will hard for you to find any wrinkles or saggy skin on Kate Beckinsale’s face. Thanks to facelift that able to make her face looks tight and has no saggy at all. The facelift maybe her secret to keep the skin stay tight, and avoid saggy skin especially on chin area. It also automatically disguises the rough wrinkles on her face. The facelift also makes some parts on her face is getting lifted but it still in normal condition.


Kate Beckinsale probably used botox too to maintain her skin elasticity. Even sometimes we see her with frozen facial condition, but botox is able to make her forehead looks flawless and toned.

The arched eyebrow seems the result of botox injection in glabellas even smooth eyes sense also the result of botox that disguises the crow’s feet there. The botox may also give benefit for Kate Beckinsale to make the laugh lines disappear from mouth or cheek areas.

Kate Beckinsale may never admit her before and after plastic surgery issue, but many people say that she looks good after the surgery. Do you agree that actually Kate Beckinsale is much better after those plastic surgery procedures than before?

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