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Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

There has been a lot of speculation about if Kathryn Morris plastic surgery have pros and cons among medias and her fans. Some people  say that she looks very different today than before because of bad make up and not plastic surgery. But the other hand claimed that she just undergone cosmetics surgery to refined her appearance. That is why they accused the cast of Detective Lilly Rush in the CBS series Cold Case has plastic surgery such as lip implants and facelift. Though the speculation has been floating for a long time, till now she never say any words to confirmed the rumors.

Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Kathryn Morris Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Lip implant is the most spotlighted procedure that may conducted by her. Her lips seem unnatural plumped and thicker strengthen the peculation about lip implants especially for collagen and restylane that may has injected there. Her lips appear pouty and trout with bigger and thicker looks which is makes people feel shocked.


This woman also accused has facelift due her face that looks so different and changed recently. It looks so stiffed and pulled up though you cant see any hard crease or lines there. Her unblemished face that seem expressionless and numb lead the speculation about plastic surgery that may conducted by this actress. But again, many people denies it and say her face that looks change not because of plastic surgery. They say that she just loosing weight and her hairstyle gives and impressions if she looks so pale, numb and stiffed now.

Kathryn Morris is kind of pretty women that managed to steal people attention that why when something has changed on her face, it leads speculation about plastic surgery procedure. Do you think that Kathryn Morris actually has conducting plastic surgery?

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