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Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before After Photo

Finally American actress Kathy Griffin admits about the plastic surgery rumor that has buffeted her life. She actually doesn’t proud with the result, and said she is really regretting it instead. Kathy Griffin even said as if she could turn back time, she won’t put herself under the surgeon’s scalpel for many kinds of plastic surgery procedures such as rhinoplasty, botox, chemical peel and brow lift.

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Picture Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before After Photo

Kathy Griffin Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



Kathy Griffin rumored has had rhinoplasty far before she was raised to stardom by appeared on NBC’s sitcom Suddenly Susan. Kathy Griffin said she feels insecure about her previous nose that a bit larger in the upper nasal cartilage. And then her upper nasal cartilage is getting smaller today. It also affected the nose tip that being more pointed and sharper than before.


To maintain the youthful looks, Kathy Griffin actually takes the Botox as savior. The botox actually gives benefit to Kathy Griffin because there are no wrinkles and hard crease in her face.

But it’s likely that Kathy Griffin is a bit overdoing botox, because she can’t hide how elevated and toned her forehead as the result of botox which was injected there. The botox also makes her facial skin less elastic and some parts of her face looks so frozen too.

Chemical Peel

You can tell from her appearance, she has quite shining facial skin. It may the result of chemical peels which is intended to remove the dead cells and provoke the growth or younger cells in her face. But in some occasion you will see that her facial skin looks shinny unnaturally and it makes the rumor that she is a little bit overdoing chemical peel is right.

Brow Lift

Actually browlift will make you looked younger and prevent the saggy skin in that area as well. But by looking at how arched and elevated her eyebrows are, it seems that Kathy Griffin is overdoing it. Instead of make Kathy Griffin looks younger, it makes her face older.

Let’s appreciate her willingness to admit her plastic surgery even if she is really regretting it. Do you agree that Kathy Griffin looks more awful due the plastic surgery procedures?

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