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Katie Couric Plastic Surgery Facelift, Botox Injection

Katie Couric is actually being discussed by some media. She was told having plastic surgeries. For 56 years old women, especially in America, that’s not too surprising if they had gone under the knife to save their youthful look. Katie Couric was rumored having botox injection and a facelift. Those two are common weapon to fight against aging.

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery Katie Couric Plastic Surgery Facelift, Botox Injection

Katie Couric Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


As many people know she is a very pretty woman. She didn’t need any enhancements. She is already gorgeous and adorable. But, to maintain her good-look, she might have a facelift. This procedure would help her to tight the skin, It seems the facelift had run successfully.  Katie’s face skin looked so great and youthful.

Botox injection

This procedure is another helpful procedure to make the rejuvenation perfect. Botox injection might be used to remove the wrinkles appear on her forehead. You could see that Katie has no wrinkles. She got a smooth forehead. The result is so nice.

She is wise enough in choosing what she needed to rejuvenate hr look. Just two procedures, facelift and botox injection could make her look youthful. She is so lucky that those two procedures not too much used. If she overdo with it, she would get a big trouble. What do you think guys?

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