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Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Recently, Katrina Kaif hits the medias by denying the rumors that she had undergone cosmetic surgeries beauty enhancement. But, it is hard for her to denies the rumors since the pictures revealed many things obviously. Katrina Kaif herself rumored had plastic surgery procedures for rhinoplasty or nose job, facial fillers and botox injection.

Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Katrina Kaif Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Katrina Kaif Nose Job Before and After Picture


The obvious thing that can be seen in Katrina Kaif face is the changing of her nose shape. As you can see at her before and after picture, her nose looked more pinched and smaller than before. In previous picture, you will see that her nose looked bulbous and big in the nasal bridge area. And now, it is getting cramped and smaller with pinched tip and rounded shape in that area. Overall, the rhinoplasty gives refined facial skin for her.

Facial fillers

Katrina Kaif also denies the issue that she had facial fillers procedure that was injected into lip area. Her lip looks so plumped and bit swell compared than before. It may the result of collagen and restylane that were injected to the lip area that make the area looks plumped, bigger and thicker.


The botox makes her face looked so toned and flawless but on the other hand it looks so numb and frozen too. Sometimes Katrina Kaif seems unable to moved her face and triggering strong speculation she has conducting botox procedure before. Katrina Kaif still slam the issue that she had beauty and body enhancement through plastic surgeries. But, do you agree that actually she didn’t needs any surgeries at all since she is naturally beauty?

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