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Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Botox Injection, Nose Job

Kelly Ripa looked so great nowadays. Even though she has been over 40s, she still looked so hot gorgeous and youthful. Some people in the forums claimed that the actress had gone under the knife to maintain her youthful look. And Kelly might have botox injection and a rhinoplasty too.

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Botox Injection, Nose Job

Kelly Ripa Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


It was no too surprised if we found that celebrities having botox injection to stay youthful. She might be one of them. We could see from her face. For a woman or man who is over 40s, there should be some wrinkles appeared as an aging signs.

But, in this case Kelly Ripa didn’t have any wrinkles on her face that indicated she used botox injection. She got a really smooth forehead. Fortunately, she is wise enough in using botox injection. If she used too much botox, there would make her face turn frozen. Kelly Ripa herself had revealed about it. She stated that she used botox injection regularly every 7 months.

Nose  Job

A  nose job or rhinoplasty, is another plastic surgery she did. Kelly did a change on her nose. The nasal and the tip of the nose are the areas that had been done with the rhinoplasty. Dr. David Shafer, a plastic surgeon, commented that the people could see the difference on the nasal and the tips. Those two area seems different than before, and it looked more refined now.

Unlike the botox injection that she revealed, Kelly Ripa didn’t give any explanation with the rhinoplasty. But it was actually seen, even though she didn’t say it. Overall, Kelly Ripa did a nice work. It would be helpful to boost her confidence. Well Done Kelly

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