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Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Recently, Kim Ah Joong rumored had been transformed through plastic surgery procedures. Besides, she even rumored to have multiple beauty enhancements like nose job, eyelid surgery and jaw implant. Kim Ah-joong self did not said anything about the rumor. But, it is hard for her to denies the rumor since her before and after picture reveled the drastic transformation.

Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Kim Ah Joong Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Kim Ah-joong rumored had put herself under the knife for the nose job or rhinoplasty procedure. His nose that used to very flat and piggy changed to something sharp and pointed. It seems that the doctor doing hard for her nose that is why it looked smaller, thinner and pinched than before. Her piggy flat nose changed to something pinched with smaller ala and higher nasal bridge that combined by sharper tip too. Overall, the nose job looked subtle and suits to Kim Ah-joong face.

Eyelid Surgery

The most spotlighted procedure that may conducted by Kim Ah-joong is double eyelid surgery. It seems that she transformed her cramped eyes to the bigger one. Her eyes looks larger than before with double eyelid that actually unnatural for common South Korean local people. The eyelid makes Kim Ah-joong eyes looked larger than before and give her a fresh appearance too.

Jaw implant

Kim Ah-joong used to have round and square facial shape. It can be seen from her young picture that widely spreading on internet. But as you see today, her facial shape getting oval with refined and subtle jaw. And it is because of jaw implants she did. Her agency denied this rumor by saying losing weight makes her jaw and facial shape looks more defined.

Kim Ah-joong still denying the rumor that she had plastic surgery and it leads pros and cons among her haters and fans. Do you think that she lied by denying the rumor of plastic surgery that was accused to her?

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