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Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Kim Novak makes everyone who seen the 86th Annual Academy Awards shocked with her recent appearance. Standing beside actor  Matthew McConaughey  and was presenting two awards, she got people’s attention because of the way she looked. It is because of she showed a horrible, terrible and weird appearance. People then accused her to have plastic surgery procedures like aggressively facial fillers or fat grafting, browlift and facelift.

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Facial Fillers and Fat Grafting

A trusted site wrote in their column about expert opinion regarding on this actress plastic surgery procedure. They agree that Kim Novak face looks unnaturally and abnormally plumped and swollen recently. It may the result from the fat grafting or the facial filler injection. Actually, this procedure will help you to get plumped cheek and avoid it from sunken. But, due she has been aggressively conducting it, her face seems so terrible and it went wrong.


The actress also has the browlift procedure done due her eyebrow that looks so lifted and elevated unnaturally. Too elevated eyebrow gives her weird appearance instead of looking youthful this day. Actually, the browlift will help you get fresher appearance due it will abolish the saggy skin above the eyebrow. But on her case, it looks so lifted and unnatural yet creating weird expression.


The doctor also said that this actress has the facelift procedure done too. Her face that looks stiffed and lifted is the clear indication of facelift procedure done. It may give her wrinkles-free facial condition and removed crease or aging lines from her face. But she cant hide the frozen and stiffed looks there. “Her neck and jawline are extraordinarily tight for a 79-year-old, likely due to at least one facelift,” Dr Youn said.

So, do you think that Kim Novak need another plastic suregry procedure? at least makes her face looks better after the surgery went wrong?

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