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Kym Johnson Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Kym Johnson plastic surgery either working well or bad to her. Though in several interviews she denies the nip and tummy tuck procedures, her changes from time to time obviously seen as she took the procedures of plastic surgery to enhanced her appearance. Though her before and after pictures that can be found easily on internet, its obvious she got the much benefits from the nose job, botox, and facelift procedure. Some people say that she looks so wonderful and prettier today, it means that plastic surgery works well on her. But some people say that she looks different today moreover when being a contestant in Dancing with the Stars which shows how much she has been changed compared some years ago.

Kym Johnson Plastic Surgery Kym Johnson Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Kym Johnson Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Nose job is the most spotlighted procedure though she has been denied it. But, her before and after picture tells too much story than her mouth cant say. Her nose used to a bit bulbous some years ago, now it is getting pinched and sharper with perfectly defined shape. She used to has a nose with bigger and larger lower nasal cartilage that makes the nostril looks so wide and big too. But recently her nose looks so defined and it makes her looks even prettier. Her nose is getting pinched even the lower nasal cartilage part looks cramped and narrowed. The nostril also looks so smaller with rounder nasal tip and well reshaped nose which is sweet to her oval facial shape.


This woman may has had the botox injection procedure too. Look at the smooth, unblemished and toned forehead that seems impossible for woman in 37. It is hard for us to find crease in that part as the indication that the botox had been injected by the surgeon to the  glabela area. Botox also play important role to disguise laugh lines around her mouth and smoothed some lines under her eyes that commonly named as the crows feet. Overall, the botox gives her smooth and soft facial skin though some say it looks so frozen and  sometimes her forehead looks immobile too.


This woman may also combined the botox with the facelift procedure too. The facelift makes her face looks bit younger than her actual age. The facelift helps her to prevent saggy skin that may started to sown its sign when someone reached 30. Though some people say that she looks different because the facelift makes her face looks bit stiffed and elevated, but it woks well to abolish saggy skin from her face.

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