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Lala Vasquez Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

The rumor that Lala Vasquez has had some plastic surgery had been discussed for a long time. It has been since her first appearance as MTV’S VJ, people noticed that she had did something to her nose. It was triggered speculation about Lala Vasquez had conducted plastic surgery for the nose job procedure.

Lala Vasquez Plastic Surgery Lala Vasquez Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Lala Vasquez Nose Job Before and After Picture


Nose job

If you following Lala Vasquez career since her debut as  co-host of MTV’s Direct Effect and Total Request Live, you will noticed that something has change. At first you cant recognize it, but soon you will see that her nose is getting sharper. She used to had bulbous nose with wider ala and larger nasal bridge. Even though her old nose seems looked good on her, but Lala Vasquez may feel insecure about it. That is why soon after, she appeared much often in front of screen.

Her nose looks reshaped and well defined. Her nose is getting less defined with smaller ala and cramped nasal bridge. Not only that, the nasal tip also looks more pointed and rounded with pinched looks compared than before. Do you agree that Lala Vasquez looking better with her new nose?

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