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Lala Vazquez Nose Job Before After Picture

Lala Vazquez may never confirm anything regarding the rumor she has plastic surgery procedure for the nose job. But it’s easy to analyze that the rumor probably true, through her before and after picture. Lala Vazquez didn’t admit the rumor of nose job procedure, while actually the result seems not disappointing.

Lala Vazquez Nose Job Picture Lala Vazquez Nose Job Before After Picture

Lala Vazquez Nose Job Before After Picture


Nose Job

As you can see from her before after picture, Lala Vazquez couldn’t hide the bulbous nose from her former face. The nasal cartilage looks less high even her upper nasal cartilage seems wide also. Since Lala Vazquez is often to appear in the screen now, you will see that her nose has changed both in size and shape. It creates the speculation that Lala Vazquez has plastic surgery for nose job done.

Her nose size is getting slimmer, thinner because the nasal bridge looks reduced in its size. Not only that, but her upper nasal cartilage appears to be smaller as well. The shape looks changed because her nose looks so pinched today.

Although not the best, we would say that Lala Vazquez looks good with her new nose. Did you agree that Lala Vazquez is much better after the nose job?

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