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Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

People wake up and look at her every morning, she is a part of much of Americas daily morning routine. Therefore when people start to notice that Good Morning America host Lara Spencer looks even younger lately rumors of Lara Spencer plastic surgery begin. This change has seemed to have taken place very quickly and so there are public assumptions that she has had some plastic surgery to make herself look younger than she did.

Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

Lara Spencer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo



The first procedure people think that she has had done are botox injections. Some sources say that Lara Spencer has had a lot of  botox injections done regularly and it makes it so that there are no wrinkles on her face.  It also makes her always look fresh.  This includes the corners of her eyes and her crowsfeet. However, due to many reasons like prestige, her statements always say that she never had any plastic surgery and her face is natural. However, regardless of this freedom, make up and healthy lifestyle does affect a person’s beauty as much as many people think. In addition, there is a rumor around that she did another surgery procedure, she did a nose job to refine her nose.

She has also had a nose job according to some people. It seems pretty obvious that she has had a nose job recently that she had a nose job. At first her nose was not like this. Now it her nose is extremely thin from the top to bottom.  It has a very small and petite tip. The width of her nose is also very narrow. It is so narrow that is could not be natural. Therefore many of her fans are upset about her apparent nose job. It has really changed the way her face looks. She no longer looks like herself and her nose does not match her face very well. It is unnaturally thin and it is distracting. It has made her look fake and plastic. Many of her fans are upset by this. They do not like her new looks and they are not happy to watch her on television.  She is a journalist not an actress.  People think that she is too concerned with her looks and not as concerned with her job and being a good journalist.  If she continues to have surgeries she will alienate her fans and will be putting her career in jeopardy.

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