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Lea Black Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

The Real Housewives of Miami, Lea Black probably lied when she said that she never had plastic surgery before. In fact, many medias and experts in plastic surgery found the trace that she had plastic surgery done at least the minor procedure on her face. Even she denied the rumor of plastic surgery, her face shows the indication of facelift and botox procedure.

Lea Black Plastic Surgery Lea Black Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Lea Black Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Looking at how tight her face is, Lea Black may has put herself under the knife to conducted plastic surgery for the facelift procedure. Her face looks so tight and seems frozen too. Even though it seems free from the wrinkles and aging sign. Some parts of her face also looks a little bit lifted which is strengthens the speculation about plastic surgery for facelift.


Lea Black probably combined the facelift with the botox too. Botox may help her to disguise several soft lines as the aging sign from her face. There are no nappearance of crows face and the laugh lines from her face are the clear indication of botox. Besides, Lea Black forehead looks so lifted now, and surely it is because of botox injection.

Lea Black has a right when she denies the rumor about plastic surgery even her face revealed many things. So, do you believe that Lea Black had plastic surgery procedures?

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