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Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Lip Implants

If you love K-Pop then Lee Min Ho is not stranger to you. His fans might have already known all about Lee Min Ho’s plastic surgery. As a celebrity, he is one of the most popular actors in South Korea. Some people say that he must have felt a great deal of pressure that is why he might have had some plastic surgery procedures. He has a good-looking face that could attract many women in South Korea. In fact, he is not only popular in his own country, but also in Asia. Therefore there are many people who have noticed that his looks have changed and they all started some rumors about surgeries he might have had done.  Behind his good looks, Lee Min Ho is also rumored to have some plastic surgeries done.

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Nose Job Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Lip Implants

Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


A nose job 

The first possible plastic surgery he did is a nose job or rhinoplasty. This procedure made him look a bit different, it seems the procedure successfully created a new look for Lee Min Ho. His nose is reshaped very well. His once wide nose has turned into a sharper and narrower nose. This procedure worked well, we know this because nowadays many women are impressed with his look. The apparent nose job has not effected his fans or how much they love him.

Lips surgery

Lee Min Ho’s lips used to stick out much farther than they do now. His face looks different with different lips. His fans may have noticed that he needed to do something about it, before he could have more attractive lips. After the surgery, he now has really nice lips which make him look better. His lips before were not very nice looking but now they look great  and they enhance his face much more than they were before.

No matter what the truth is, the people, especially women, will not change their opinion about him. They love him and some are very obsessed with every move he makes and everything he does. He is very special in their eyes, although many people wonder what would have happened to him if he didn’t have any enhancements or if they had gone wrong. This of course is the fear for many celebrities.  They are afraid that if they have too many surgeries that their fans might not like them anymore. Would the women still love him or not? That’s all speculation though, we have started to uncover the truth behind Lee Min Ho’s plastic surgery, once and for all. What do you think though, is there more to this story? Did he go beyond a simple nose job? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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