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Lesley Stahl Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Many people wonder what is the secret of  Lesley Stahl looks so young and fabulous though her age is already 71 years old, we can decide that the benefits of plastic surgery seems working well on her. This woman may has plastic surgery for the facelift and botox. Though she wont confirmed these procedure, but by seeing how amazing the result is, she should says thanks more to the plastic surgery.

Lesley Stahl Plastic Surgery Lesley Stahl Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Lesley Stahl Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Judging from her before and after picture, Lesley Stahl seems never affected by the gravitation. Her facial skin still very tight and toned and it makes us hard to believe that her age is already 71 years old. She looks 20 years younger than her age with bright and toned facial skin. The cheek skin bit elevated and lifted without any saggy skin as the clear indication she got the facelift procedure.

There are no hard folding or aging lines that cant be seen on her face. Overall, the facelift works well on her face and she doesn’t seems overdoing at all. Her facelift procedure is still natural and it makes her is aging gracefully and fabulous without any exaggerating condition.


Beside facelift, she may combined the procedure with the botox injection too. Actually, many women worries that the combination between botox and facelift will botched their face. Yes, its true if they were exaggerating while doing it. But by looking at how soft and smooth her skin is, the botox seems working their role there too.

The botox smoothed the laugh lines, crows feet, and frown that were appeared around the mouth, under the eyes and the f9orhead area. The botox also avoid her forehead from saggy, that is why it looks bit lifted and elevated but she doesn’t show the stiffed or nub condition. It means that she got the small or moderate dose botox injection only.

This woman is quite wise and smart in choosing what kinds of plastic surgery that she should choose. That is why, she knows how to pick proper facelift and botox procedure to makes her ageless and stay fabulous in her 71 years old. Do you agree that Lesley Stahl looks so amazing but naturally due the botox and facelift procedures?

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