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Linda Gray Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Linda Gray plastic surgery rumors lead pros and cons among many people. Some people say that she was conducted plastic surgery, but the other people believe that she as good genes that make she looks fabulous until this day. Even several experts has different opinion about Linda Gray plastic surgery speculation especially the facelift and botox. And Linda Gray herself remain silent whenever asked about the rumor whether she has undergone plastic surgery or not.

Linda Gray Plastic Surgery Linda Gray Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Linda Gray Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


The first procedure that accused to her was facelift procedure. Her face that looks so smooth and only leaving a smooth lines, creating a speculation about the facelift. Facelift makes her face looks even prettier and gorgeous even her age is 73 years old. But, different speculation delivered by Plastic surgeon Dr. Paul S. Nassif. The doctor didn’t believe that Linda Gray has conducting plastic surgery. The doctor said”Linda Gray is wearing a little more make-up and has a different hairstyle than previously.


Linda Gray also rumored has botox to enhanced that facelift procedure. The indication she has botox can be seen from how elevated and lifted her forehead is. It is triggering speculation that she had injected the botox into the glabela area. The glabela area that really close to her forehead gives benefit to prevent that area from saggy or has a frown.

Linda Gray plastic surgery speculation may never end due she never speaks about this rumor. Do you believe that she has kept her youthful  with the help of plastic surgery?

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