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Madonna Plastic Surgery Procedures and Treatments

Madonna’s appearance had made many people attracted to discuss her in many forums. Many people thought that her appearance didn’t show a natural work. That showed some plastic surgeries that might be used by her to rejuvenate her appearance. They speculated that Madonna might do some procedures including Botox, inject-able fillers, a facelift, brow lift and laser treatments.

Madonna Plastic Surgery Picture Madonna Plastic Surgery Procedures and Treatments

Madonna Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Botox and fillers injection were not new thing in celebrity’s activities. There are many celebrities had tried the Botox and fillers as an effort to fight against the aging. She had ever used the botox and filler injection in the past, but, she got too much botox injected. That made her appearance looked so bad.

Learning from what happen to her after those procedures, Madonna tried some procedures wisely.

Botox and Fillers Injection

She might feel that she could get something better if she could control the amount of fillers and botox. She then tried injecting her forehead and other parts of her face (again). The forehead had removed the wrinkles and lines perfectly and not overdone. While the filler had made her cheek got plumper with a nice result too.

Madonna Plastic Surgery Madonna Plastic Surgery Procedures and Treatments

Madonna Plastic Surgery


This procedure had made her facial skin looked tighter. This procedure had rejuvenated her appearance so well. She looked younger than she should be. She has just done a nice thing to support her rejuvenation program.

Brow Lift

This kind of procedure was a bit hard to prove, due to the effect of the brow lift shown.  It could  have also been caused by the Botox injections.  When the Botox  is injected in her forehead, the brow gets lifted up.

Laser Treatment

This procedure was used to make the rejuvenation program got a perfect one. This procedure helps the user in order to make the skin smooth and tight, moreover, it also could remove the spots and dead cell appeared on her skin. You could see that her appearance looked so fresh and youthful.

Dr. Terry Dubrow agreed that Madonna might have a good works to rejuvenate her look. The combinations of the procedures successfully made her looked so perfect today.

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