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Marcia Clark Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Marcia Clark might be not a Hollywood celebrity, but she has succeeded to steal people’s attention as the head prosecutor in the O.J. Simpson’s murder case. But beside her achievement as head prosecutor, Marcia Clark also stole people’s attention with several plastic surgery procedures that was accused to her.

Marcia Clark Plastic Surgery Marcia Clark Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Marcia Clark Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Some plastic surgeon experts and media journalist suspected her conducted plastic surgery for the breast implant, eyelid surgery and facelift. And just like Hollywood celebrities’ case, Marcia Clark’s plastic surgery leads the pros and cons among the people and media.

Breast Implant

Unlike Hollywood celebrity, of course Marcia Clark’s breast implants were not steal people’s attention. However she can’t hide that her breasts are bigger now. Marcia Clark used to have small breasts that gave her more empty space on her chest area.

But now her chest looked fuller with bigger and tighter breasts on it. Well, the breast implants procedure seems ran well and not overdone. It suits to her body shape.

Eyelid Surgery

One thing that makes Marcia Clark is younger than her real age is the eyelid surgery. The eyelid surgery makes her eyes looked wider and brighter than before. The eyelid surgery also abolishes the baggy and the crow’s feet on her eyes area. It gave her a fresh and youthful looks. Just like her breast implant, her eyelid surgery also not overdone and still natural.


Beside those two procedures eyelid surgery and breast implant, Marcia Clark also suspected has the facelift as well. The facelift helps her to remove rough signs of aging like frown, wrinkles and sagging skin. That way, her face looked smooth and unblemished than before.

Once again, Marcia Clark is not a Hollywood celebrity. But her plastic surgery, before and after rumor really stole the people’s attention. What do you think about Marcia Clark’s plastic surgery before and after procedure?

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