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Marcia Cross Botox Before After Picture

Marcia Cross is over five decades old, but people always mistaken her as woman in 40. Thanks to plastic surgery especially botox that makes Marcia Cross looks younger and fabulous. In her 51 years old Marcia Cross has no much difference on her before and after picture. Some people say that Marcia Cross a little bit pushed herself too hard to get that fabulous youthful looks in her old days. However her recent appearance shows like she never change.

Marcia Cross Plastic Surgery Picture Marcia Cross Botox Before After Picture

Marcia Cross Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


By looking at her appearance, she even looks like woman in 35. She has very elastic facial skin and there are almost no wrinkles can be seen from her face. Marcia Cross is still the same woman with her in 15 years ago. She is young, pretty and sexy due to that Botox procedure. The botox makes her forehead looks tuned and unblemished.

Although it is a little bit stiffed, but there is no indication that Marcia Cross overdone the botox procedure. Not only that, her arched eyebrow seems strengthens the indication that she has the botox injection done in the glabella area. The botox also helps removing saggy skin or crow’s feet under her eyes area.

Her face also appears with smooth mouth and cheek area where there are no creases or laugh lines come. Those aging signs seem disappear so perfectly. The botox also keeps the elasticity of Marcia Cross’ facial skin yet sometimes she is also spotted with frozen expression.

A facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon specialist in Beverly Hills, California tells MakeMeHeal, “Marcia Cross looks great. It appears she may have had some Botox as her face is completely line free.”

Marcia Cross may have pushed herself too hard with plastic surgery. And it’s nice to see the good result there. At least the result seems doesn’t disappoint the public.

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