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Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

The news about her husband cheating on her with their baby-sitter for almost 15 years really shocked the world because they looked like a happy couple. That’s why when she decided to divorce actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, many people support and say it is a better way to start a new life. Since her divorce Maria Shriver plastic surgery rumors has been floating around because people think she has changed her look to attract a new partner as well as new employment.

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Picture Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Maria Shriver Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Therefore the goal, of course, is to find the new love and start the new life with another man. Some say that today, Maria Shriver actually has new looks that make her much better. Maria Shriver has been rumored to have had several plastic surgery procedures to maintain her looks and heal her broken heart. Botox injections and facelift are among procedures done by Maria Shriver.


As woman who was cheated on by her husband, Maria Shriver may think that there is something wrong with her face and appearance. That’s why the rumors about her getting a facelift to regain some of her youthful beauty were not very shocking new to anyone. After a breakup many women like to change their appearance. Some get hair cuts or change their hair color. Celebrities usually have procedures done to make themselves feel better.

The facelift helps Maria Shriver to get toned and tighter skin on her face than before. The facelift may also help her to avoid saggy skin that usually appears on the chin and the area around the eyes. The facelift gives tight and toned facial skin for Maria Shriver, but still she is aging gracefully and is not overdoing it anyway. The facelift has only enhanced her beauty. Like with all procedures there is always the risk of it no going well.  However, it seems that she has had a flawless procedure and she looks fantastic.

Botox Injection

The combination between Botox and facelift may be harmful but also effective to avoid the aging signs from someone’s face. Therefore it seems likely that she also had Botox injections to help her look more youthful.  She now has elastic and toned facial skin that looks shinny but not extremely oily. The Botox actually makes her forehead look lifted and toned, yet not frozen. This is because she has not over done it with the Botox.

It is possible to see that with the right combination of  Botox injections and a facelift really makes her facial skin younger and fresher.

Moderate plastic surgery has been suited to Maria Shriver, and it really helps her to heal her broken heart. She looks better than she has for many years and therefore she looks happier too. Well, do you think that Maria Shriver is ready to find a new love and heal her broken heart with the plastic surgery?

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