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Mark McGrath Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

You may be a fan of the band Sugar Ray, and of course when you remember the band, you’ll be familiar with the lead vocalist. Mark McGrath’s plastic surgery has kept him looking young all this time if you can believe it. He is 45 years old now, and you wouldn’t believe what has happened to his appearance.

Mark McGrath Plastic Surgery Picture Mark McGrath Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Mark McGrath Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



You can see from the picture that he has undergone rhinoplasty or a nose job. When he was young, Mark McGrath had a bulbous nose. Actually the nasal bridge was quite high, and while he couldn’t hide the large upper nasal cartilage that also made the nostril looked wider, the nose suited him.

As we can see, that recently has given way to a small, pinched and more pointed nose than before. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer tried to analyze it and told MakeMeHeal, “Mark McGrath may be rumored to have some cosmetic enhancements, but outside of maybe a Rhinoplasty, I don’t believe he has had anything done.”


Since his before and after pictures are widely spreading, there are rumors that this man has had plastic surgery for Botox injections. Some say the botox gives him smoother looks, also at the same time, it gives feminine looks to his appearance. Botox helps him by relaxing the wrinkles and disguising the creases, but he also gets an extra bonus feminine look here.

Facial Fillers

Some believe that Mark McGrath had facial fillers, especially his chin and cheeks. His chin looks much sharper and it protrudes more because the filler was injected there. He has higher and rounder cheek as well which strengthens the speculation about the facial fillers for the cheek area.

It seems that even rock stars can’t hide their fear of aging. This one seems to have the same point of view as Axl Rose about plastic surgery. There is no clear confirmation about their plastic surgery anyway. There is just a longer time for people to judge. What do you think though, how far has Mark McGrath’s plastic surgery gone? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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