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Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Marlo Thomas may never confirm any words regarding the plastic surgery rumor that was accused to her. But this American actress, producer, and social activist can’t hide the before and after plastic procedures condition that can clearly seen from her face.

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before After Picture



Botox is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures that was taken by Hollywood celebrity or many other women in the world including Marlo Thomas. As woman of 76 years old, actually it’s natural and common if the wrinkles and aging lines appear.

But it seems hard for Marlo Thomas to accept that she is going older now. Her ‘before and after picture’ is showing clear indication of the Botox procedure. Her face looks tight and tuned with smooth impression.  This can be seen especially in the many areas including her forehead, her mouth as well as her lips.

The botox helps Marlo Thomas to disguise wrinkles and frown on the forehead, also makes it elevated. The botox also abolishes the soft lines that probably appear in her face and gives her youthful looks than her actual age.


As said before, botox is only enough to maintain someone’s looks. But in Marlo Thomas’ case seems she has tried to combine that minor facial work with the facelift. For some people, it makes Marlo Thomas looks worse than she used to be. The facelift seems makes her facial skin looks too tight and quite stiffed as well. It makes people blame the facelift procedure that botched Marlo Thomas’ face.

Marlo Thomas is still amazing and aging gracefully in her age although some say she is somewhat overdoing plastic surgery. So what do you think about the Marlo Thomas’ plastic surgery, before and after facelift and botox procedure? Share your words.

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