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Marysol Patton Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

The Real Housewives of Miami Marysol Patton may had conducted several procedures of plastic surgery likes her mother did. Her face looks so different due to excessive surgeries she did.

Marysol Patton Plastic Surgery Marysol Patton Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Marysol Patton Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Some people say that Marysol Patton looks way better before the surgery than her current appearance. It was reported that she had plastic surgery procedures for facelift, nose job and botox injection. And it can be seen from her before and after plastic surgery.


In her 37 years old, Marysol Patton face looks tight and lifted unnaturally. In her after picture, you can see that some parts of her face had been lifted. The facelift probably the procedure she had done before to avoid saggy skin especially in the chin and cheek area.

Nose Job

Nose job is the obvious procedure that had been done by Marysol Patton. Her old piggy nose with wide ala and nasal bridge has been transformed to pinched, slim and defined nose. Th ala looks so cramped even the nasal bridge seem very high too. It is probably result from the plastic surgery for the nose job procedure.


Botox also the regular procedures that she did. The botox makes her face looks so smooth, flawless and unblemished. But sometimes, Marysol Patton also spotted with stiff and immobile facial expression due to overdose.

Marysol Patton self never said anything about the rumor she has conducted plastic surgery procedure, but her before and after pictures does. Which one looking better? Marysol Patton before of after plastic surgery?

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