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Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Meg Ryan used to be very pretty, sexy and amazing. But the time really passed so fast and cruelly reduced her beauty. She seems won’t lose against aging, Meg Ryan then put herself under the scalpel and relying on plastic surgery procedure. There are many rumors and whispers about what kind of plastic surgery that was conducted by Meg Ryan. But according some experts this woman has conducted plastic surgery for lip implant, botox as well as facelift.

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Lip Implant

By observing her today’s appearances, you will understand that this woman lips look so unnaturally thicker. Her trout pout lips get taunted and well, she can’t hide the unnatural plumped condition there. Her lips looked larger and wider than before. The upper lip seems very thick than the lower one. It makes people believe that Meg Ryan has the lip implant procedure with terrible result.


Meg Ryan also accused a little bit overdoing Botox procedure. The botox may have injected in glabellas area due to how arched the eyebrow is. Besides that, the forehead that looks so frozen and tight is also the clear indication that Meg Ryan got the botox injection in that parts.

The botox actually makes her facial skin looks unblemished and wrinkles-free. Even so, the frozen forehead is not good for her appearance.


To enhance the Botox procedure, Meg Ryan may have had the facelift procedure as well. You can tell from her facial skin that looks tight and elevated. She has the facelift to avoid saggy skin which unfortunately makes some parts on her face a bit elevated too.

The overdone facelift also makes Meg Ryan seems wearing a wax mask and it is really make her looks horrible. Meg Ryan is actually still pretty and fabulous without plastic surgery. But she made her choice. So what do you think about Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery that seems going worse?

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