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Megyn Kelly Nose Job Before and After Picture

She is a well known and controversial political commentator for the Fox News Channel. Megyn Kelly’s nose job has been stirring up more controversy and chatter than she has been able to over the last few months. She has been a very polarizing figure on the new channel.  People either lover her or hate her. That is why there are so many rumors about her nose job and other plastic surgery procedures that she might have done. Please do not like her very much and therefore many are trying to bring her down by spreading rumors. However when looking at the pictures you can clearly see that her appearance has changed.

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Megyn Kelly Nose Job Before and After Picture

Megyn Kelly Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Even though she has always been very good at brushing off  rumors these one seem to be hitting close to home. It is hard for people not to notice a change in her figure because they get to see her everyday on her television show The Kelly File.  This has made people very curious about how, when and if she has had any work done. People are asking themselves whether or not she has had the surgery. Those people also say that even if she’s had plastic surgery procedures, the result seem to work well, and it makes it hard to believe that her age is already 43 years old.Therefore even her critics admit that if she is found to have had any plastic surgery procedure that she has done it properly and the results look much better than she did before the possible surgeries.


She was first rumored to have had some Botox injections. Anyone who works in show business or in on television for one reason or another has probably had this procedure. It can make you look younger and calm and remove the aging lines on your face. As a reporter and anchor, she realized that a good appearance is everything. She is being watched daily by countless amounts of people and therefore she surely feel some pressure to look her best at all times. That is why her face looks so unblemished,  it even looks a little bit numb too. However above all, the Botox injections seem to have helped her maintain a youthful look and to avoid soft aging lines that started to appear on her face. The trick to using Botox is to not use too much at once, so far it does not see as though she has done this but only time will tell if she will in the future.

Facelift & Nose Job

Similar to the Botox injection rumors, she has also denied undergoing plastic surgery for a face lift and nose job. The rumors has continued about a face lift and nose job because of her continued youthful appearance.  The face lift makes her skin looks so tight and toned, sometimes with lifted looks that are clearly seen noticeable however her face lift looks great.

It has also been rumored that she has had a nose job recently. Her nose used to look more natural and it fit in well with her features. Now however it  now looks a little crooked.  This is a sign that she has had a nose job and not a very good one. A crooked nose is a sign of a bad nose job when a nose was not crooked before the procedure was done. Therefore this could be evidence that she has had a nose job. It could also be the Botox injections and apparent face lift that has made her nose crooked and not fit her face. Whatever the case may be she has gone to some really drastic procedures in order to look young for a longer period of time.

Overall, both botox and the facelift really managed to give our reporter flawless and smooth facial skin. She has been quite about whether or not she has done under to change her looks. One this is for certain the jury is still out on if she had any procedures done or not. Some of the evidence is very overwhelming. The Megyn Kelly nose job rumors also remain unanswered, so what do you think? Tell us in the comments!

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