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Michelle Williams Nose Job Before and After Picture

Beside her dramatic love story with deceased Heath Ladger and their daughter, Michelle Williams plastic surgery also becomes an interesting topic in Hollywood. There are some surgeries that was accused to her but there are no more that make the big commotion rather than the nose job procedure. The nose job procedure that been done by this 33 years old actress changed her face bit drastically. Her nose looks so different either in its size and shape. Though this woman who well known as  Jen Lindley on the The WB television teen drama Dawson’s Creek wont revealed anything, but  it seems her before and after picture tells us much more about the rhinoplasty or the nose job.

Michelle Williams Nose Job Michelle Williams Nose Job Before and After Picture

Michelle Williams Nose Job Before and After Picture


Her nose that looks so big and bulbous in 1990s along with the Dawson’s Creek popularity looks so different today. She seems doing something with her nose or rather we can say that someones hes craved it so perfectly one. She used to has bulbous and piggy nose which was make her face looks so innocent and cute. But along her age is getting older, it seems that our actress realize her nose wont make her more confidence in her career. That is why you will see that her nose looks more pinched and well defined as you see today.

Her nose looks slimmer and thinner with pinched shape and the size being decreased too. Her nasal tip seems more rounder and pointed with cramped lower nasal cartilage. The nasal bridge also getting higher with protruding looks and defined shape too. Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer says, “Michele Williams may have defined the shape of her nose with a Rhinoplasty procedure”

Michelle Williams nose job named something successful and she well managed to defined the nasal area. What is your opinion regarding to her plastic surgery for the nose job procedure?

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