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Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Facelift, Lip Augmentation

Mickey Rourke is known well as a former boxer and an actor too. You could see her great performance in Ironman 2. What makes the 61 years old actor brought to this site? He was reported having some procedures along his career.

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Picture1 Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Facelift, Lip Augmentation

Mickey Rourke Plastic Surgery Before After Picture


Nose Job

There’s no doubt that he did a nose job in order to fix the shape of the nose. The nose got damage for several times especially caused by the punch. And force him to do some nose jobs. He did it fair and fine. There’s no problem through this surgery.

Lip Augmentation

Talking about the lip augmentation, he might have too much filler injected, in the lower lips. The upper side and the lower side of the lips looked a bit weird and unbalance.

Brow Lift

In this procedure Mickey Rourke had pulled up his forehead, unfortunately the browlift he did looked gone wrong. It’s too much pulled up. Some people also speculated that the brow lift might also be caused by the Botox injection. This also caused the size of his eyes, the left and the right looked unbalanced. The left eyes looked bigger than the right.


Another plastic surgery he did is a facelift. She had made his facial skin a bit too tight. He might want to have a tight skin like common younger people. In this case, the sagging skin he had in his face might be removed and turned to tighter skin, but too tight skin might not be a good result for him. It made his face looked a bit frozen.

Overall, he needed to stop doing any plastic surgeries procedure and he need to learn to live more naturally. Too much plating with Botox is not a wise decision. What do you think?

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