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Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Besides hates very much by the people on the internet, Mike Jeffries also may had plastic surgery procedure. Mike Jeffries himself remain cool regarding the rumor. And, it seems that he doesn’t care about it. Based on some sources, he had several plastic surgery procedures such as facelift, botox, lip enhancement and browlift. Seeing his current appearance, many people say that Mike Jeffries seems a bit overdo plastic surgery because of his unnatural looks.

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Mike Jeffries Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Mike Jeffries had undergone facelift to avoid his face from getting saggy and sunken. Th facelift seems was conducted especially in the chin and cheek, because this part looks so stiff and toned.


In his 69 years old, Mike Jeffries also may had undergone botox regularly. You will see how abnormal toned his face which is triggering the speculation about regular botox injection. The botox may had injected to the glabela area that makes the forehead area looks very lifted and unblemished too. His face may looks so smooth and toned but you will see that it looks very abnormal too.

Lip enhancement and browlift

Based on his before and after picture, people can conclude that Mike Jeffries also had lip enhancement and brow lift procedure. His lips looked so thick and plumped compared than before. It may the result of restylane and collagen that added extra volume into his lips. Besides, Mike Jeffries is also rumored to have brow lift procedure done. The brow lift makes the eyebrow area looks very elevated and higher than before.

Instead of giving him youthful looks, these overdoing plastic surgeries make Mike Jeffries looks so weird and scary. Do you think that Mike Jeffries is really overdoing plastic surgery?

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