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Miley Cyrus Boob Job Before After Picture

What make that sensational singer brought to this site? It’s due to her appearance that made many people love to discuss in many forums. The great singer was reported having some a plastic surgery to enhance her look.

Miley Cyrus Before and After Picture Miley Cyrus Boob Job Before After Picture

Miley Cyrus Boob Job Before and After Picture


The change itself could be seen on the size of her breast. She probably did a breast augmentation to resize her breast to become bigger. You could see that her current breast looked bigger and rounder than it used to be.

Plastic surgery experts, named Dr. Tahl Humes, Dr. Brian Glatt and Dr. Michael Niccole were asked about this possible plastic surgery. They commented that the change on her breast size strongly was caused by breast augmentation.

Miley Cyrus ever given confirmation about the rumor via Twitter. She said that her breasts all hers, people don’t have to be fake to be beautiful. But some people might not believe it easily.

Well, if the rumor was true, Miley Cyrus got a good plastic surgery that made her more attractive. She has just got a nice work. What do you think?

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